Truths you may not know about “Wireless Technology Myths & Facts”

The entire world is now a sophisticated area, almost every device here may be connected wirelessly. We’re at the start of a brand new age, the era referred to as ‘The Internet of Things’ by many, where the usage of technology is common far and wide. It is certain that all these wirelessly-interconnected devices that we use today are extremely advantageous to our everyday lives, certainly making the way we control the multiple tools that we use daily considerably more suitable. I thought it’d be interesting to dig out a few of the common myths and assumptions and let’s see they hold some truths in them or if they’re purely baseless since none of us can avoid the reality of living in a wireless world.

It is almost hopeless for all of us to escape from the electromagnetic wave that originates from our wireless devices unless you are dwelling in a remote rural area. Wi Fi technology is some thing that’s found in almost every house these days. One question that’s frequently raised is the health consequence of these wireless transmissions. A number of studies are carried out with some raising concerns about the carciogenic effect of these wireless transmission. There’s no critical evidence to show that such wireless technology can influence our health in a negative way, but research and the studies viewing this continues. All the rumors have definitely made me paranoid about it, though I love my wireless gadgets and find it near impossible to do with the. For now, since I cannot completely be certain about this dilemma, I’ll try maintaining my wireless devices some distance away from me when not in use.

In a merely a matter of few years, most of us have now changed to using smartphone. We have also become greatly attached and dependent on our phone. However, for men, cellphone use that is excessive might not be a great thing. It has been maintained by some folks that mobile phones could lead to male infertility. The justification behind this reasoning is reasonable and very easy. Seemingly when a cell is left in a pant pocket, the radiation emission interferes with the sperm, weakening or even killing them. Now, while it is a fact that prevention is better than cure, I am not fully convinced of this theory and consider it’s a myth.

It’s an undeniable truth that wireless technology is presently changing our very lives. But there are a few individuals who misunderstand the wireless technology entirely. I’m not a wireless pro and what I’ve discussed here is nothing more than my personal view on a subject matter that I think is intriguing. My hope is that from this easy discussion, you’re definitely going to be able to separate myths and misconceptions from facts about wireless technology. And because my expertise in wireless technologies is a bit restricted, I could be incorrect about some of these dilemmas so feel free to share your ideas by dropping some comment below.


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